Migs Woodside

Assistant Research Professional
Academic Professional
DTPHX Campus
Assistant Research Professional
Academic Professional
DTPHX Campus
Assistant Research Professional
DTPHX Campus


Migs Woodside is Senior Advisor to the Southwest Interdisciplinary
Research Center (SIRC).  SIRC is an exploratory center of
excellence on minority health and health disparities research funded
by the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities of
the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Educated at Vassar College, Ms. Woodside’s professional
affiliation with alcohol and drug programs began in 1969 with New
York's Phoenix House Foundation and Daytop Village drug rehabilitation
centers progressing through positions with the New York City Addiction
Services Agency to the position of Assistant Commissioner.  She
is the founder of the nationally recognized Children of Alcoholics
Foundation established in 1982 as the result of her landmark study,
“Children of Alcoholics” for Joseph A. Califano, Jr.,
former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and Hugh L. Carey,
then governor of New York. Ms. Woodside served as President and CEO of
the organization from 1982-1995.

From 1977-1980 Ms. Woodside was a consultant first to the U.S. Senate
Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency and then to the US
Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution. Her reports, “Homeless
Youth: The Saga of  Pushouts and Throwaways” resulted in
the inclusion of these young people in the Runaway and Homeless Youth
Act, Title 111 of the 1980 Re-Authorization of the Juvenile Justice
and Delinquency Prevention Act. Her report on Phencyclidine (PCP-
Angel Dust) resulted in Federal legislation to control the essential
chemical in the drug’s manufacture. In 1983, Migs Woodside
served as a consultant to the Brown University Center on Addictions.

In 1994, Ms. Woodside was appointed to the National Council of the
National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIH) and in 1997,
served on the Fetal Alcoholism Working Group, followed by appointment
to the Subcommittee on Research Priorities which advised the Institute
Director on research directions. 

Ms. Woodside is a member of the Partners Council of the Harvard
School of Public Health’s Center on Population and Development
and a member of the Board of the Graduate Center, the higher degree
granting entity for the City of New York. Additionally, Ms. Woodside
is also a member of the Board of the Lincoln Center on Applied Ethics,
(CLAS) and the Investment Board of the College of Public Programs at
Arizona State University.

Migs Woodside has received 10 awards from organizations including the
National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Alcoholism and
Alcohol Abuse and the US Department of Health and Human
Services.  In 2009 she was honored with the Appreciation Award
from the ASU Alumni Association.