Meet Director of Office of Evaluation and Partner Contracts






Wendy Wolfersteig, Ph.D.,
Director, Evaluation and Partner Contracts
Telephone: 602-496-1086

Dr. Wendy L. Wolfersteig serves as Director of Evaluation and Partner Contracts at the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center at Arizona State University. For over 20 years, her work in substance abuse prevention and evaluation in Arizona has focused on the use of effective evidence-based strategies and data-driven decision-making. She leads her team in working collaboratively with state, county, city and local partners to design and perform evaluations, provide trainings and disseminate findings aimed at preventing, reducing and eliminating health disparities.

Her community based participatory research addresses health equity with underserved populations and diverse subgroups. Specifically, this includes research on health effects stemming from risk and protective factors around social determinants such as food and housing, social support and isolation, and traumatic childhood and adult experiences. Recent community-based projects investigate the social determinants of health related to medical outcomes, collect and analyze data on social and health needs of target groups, and test the efficacy of a child abuse and neglect curriculum for preK to 12th grade students.

Dr. Wolfersteig is a research associate professor in the School of Social Work at ASU. She serves as a member (former chair) of the Arizona Substance Abuse Epidemiology Work Group. She was appointed as a member of the City of Phoenix, Fast-Track Cities Initiative Ad-Hoc Committee and recently completed four years on the board of the Arizona Evaluation Network (AZENet).