Office of Refugee Health

Enhancing Culturally-Informed Health Care Services for Women affected by Female Genital Cutting in Arizona

Principal Investigator: Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, MD, MSc, FACOG, Research Assistant Professor and  Director, SIRC Office of Refugee Health, School of Social Work

Co- Principal Investigators: Flavio F. Marsiglia (GCAHR) and Colleen Keller (CONHI)

Funding: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH), award: ASTWH160045 (2016-2019)

The focus of this project is to elucidate the gaps in care and enhance the provision of Female Genital Cutting (FGC)-related health care and social services for women in Arizona who have experienced FGC. This project is designed to build greater capacity among health and social service providers across Arizona to care for FGC-affected populations and build community knowledge and awareness of FGC-related health issues and available services. The project will accomplish four outcomes throughout its three-year duration: Outcome 1: Identify specific FGC-related health care needs and available health and social services for women in Arizona who have experienced FGC to improve services to FGC-affected communities. Outcome 2: Identify gaps, barriers, and/or assets in FGC-related health care and social services for women in Arizona who have experienced FGC to provide improved services to FGC-affected communities. Outcome 3: Create and implement FGC education efforts so that providers improve culturally competent care for women who have experienced FGC in health care and social service settings. Outcome 4: Create and implement community outreach and educational programs among communities affected by FGC to increase awareness of FGC-related health issues, prevention and services available.

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