Research papers and posters at professional conferences

(as of March, 2018; updated list coming soon!)

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Health Equity Lecture Series

A Multi-level Approach to Health Promotion and Diabetes Prevention: Friends, families, physicians, and facilities
A Portrait of Emotions among Mexicans Living in the USA
An Examination of Developmental Trajectories and Adjustment among Mexican-origin Teen Mothers
Antisocial Behavior and Substance Use in Adolescence: The Effects of Parenting Practices through Deviant Peer Affiliations
Being Out, Gay High School Student: Victimization and Young Adult Adjustment
Cardiovascular Disease Among African American Men
Community Fellows Training Workshop
Community Influences on Female Genital Cutting in Sub-Saharan Africa
Community-Academic Partnership for Promotion Cardiovascular Health among Underserved Populations
Coping with Food Insecurity Risk and the Spector of Chronic Disease among Low income Latinos
Culture, Contect, & Mexican American Mental Health
Culture, Context, & Mexican American Mental Health
Dietary Quality-related Disparities Among Hispanics
Does Poor Health Affect the Likelihood of Recidivism for Serious Offenders?
Enhancing Family Outcomes for Latino Families of Children with Autism through a Socio-Cultural Lens
Examining the Effects of Ecodevelopmental influences on Substance Use for Urban American Indian Adolescents in Arizona
Examining the Intersections of Gender & Ethnic Identity among Latino Youth: Implications for Mental Health and Academic Engagement
Experiences managing T2 Diabetes Shortly after Diagnosis Among Adults of Mexican Ethnicity in the U.S. Southwest
Exploring the Relationship between Welfare Participation in Childhood and Depression in Adulthood in the United States
Global Social Work: Transferability of Techniques and the Place of ASU
Implementing a community-based, service-coordination and delivery intervention with urban, minority parents: The role of informal community supports
Improving Children’s Academic Performance through Parent Engagement: Development and Initial Findings from the “Your Family, Your Neighborhood” Intervention
Improving Knowledge on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting and Female Sexual Anatomy and Function
Increasing Cancer Screening Among Low-Income Individuals
Increasing Physical Activity Participation in Early Childhood: Sustainability via Active Garden Education
Indigenous Knowledge, Land, History, and Health: The Construction of Diabetes on an American Indian Reservation
Individual- and Community-Based Correlates of HIV testing among Latino MSM
Integrating Social Determinants Into Health Disparities Research
Investing in Community Health: Social Capital and Choice Neighborhoods
Latina/o Families, Immigration and Health
Maternal Depression Within African American Families
Maternal Diet and Dietary Beliefs Impact Maternal Health & Neonatal Birth Outcomes in Pregnant Adolescents
Measuring, Modeling, and Analyzing complex drinking events
Meeting Community Partners’ Needs for Evaluation
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Modeling Social Dynamics using Deterministic and Stochastic Models
Optimal Selection of Auxiliary Variables in Missing Data Procedures for Structural Equation Models
Perceived peer delinquency and externalizing behavior among rural adolescents: A social norms perspective on delinquency and aggression
Preventing and controlling HPV-related cancers
Preventing HIV among Drug-Involved Mexican-Origin Girls: A Pilot Study
Preventing Relapse to Drugs: Learning from Mothers in Recovery
Project WARMTH Women & Recovery: Maintain, Train, Heal
Reducing Cardiometabolic Disease Risk among African American Women: The Role of Physical Activity, Culture, and Technology
Reducing Health Disparities in Refugees by Screening for Distress
Reducing Teen Dating Violence among Mexican Heritage Youth: A Mediational Model for Behavioral Change
Risk Factors of Perceived Threat of Alzheimer's Disease among Older Chinese Americans in Subsidized Housing: Through A Cultural Lens
Scaling up: Drafting Comprehensive Youth Violence Prevention Services in a Large, Rural, Ethnically Diverse County
Social Network Traits, Interactions with Health Professionals, and Health Care Outcomes among Hispanic Patients with Diabetes and Comorbid Depression in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)
Statistical Power for Randomized Health Experiments: Examples of Calculations and Pitfalls
The Changing Transition to Adulthood: Documenting & Dissecting Historical Variation in Substance Use Trajectories
The Declining Health of American Indian Victims of Domestic Violence
The Influence of cultural factors in Alzheimer's literacy and caregiving process for Chinese Americans living in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area
The women have trust in me, and I try to live up to this trust: Community-based and Participatory Approaches to Improving Health and Nutrition Globally
Thinking about women and culture in Health behavior interventions
Towards Critical Spatial Thinking in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Immigrant Neighborhoods and Health Effects
Translational Research: Disseminating locally developed interventions at the regional, national and international levels
Understanding and Addressing Missing Data
Water Is Life: A Community-Based Participatory Study of the Significance of Water and Its relationship to Health and Well-Being on an American Indian Reservation in Kansas
White Clinician's Attitude: Implications for Mental Health Disparities
Women for Women: How Resilience and Self-discovery Impact the Health of Underserved Women Survivors of War