Peer-reviewed Publications

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SIRC Publications List (as of November 2017) 

In Press

Chavez, A., Vega-Lopez, S., Eckart, R., Tarango, T., Ray, F., Shaibi, G. Q.,...Crespo, N. C. (in press). Preliminary performance outcomes among minority parents participating in a fitness and health promotion community-based program: The Athletes for Life program. American College of Sports Medicine.

Gao, X., Sun, F., Marsiglia, F. F., & Dong, X. (in press). Elder mistreatment among older Chinese Americans: The role of family cohesion. International Journal of Aging and Human Development.

Kim, B. J., Lee, Y., Sangalang, C. C., & Harris, L.(in press). The role of employment and perceived economic status on subjective well-being for older Korean Americans. International Journal of Aging and Human Development.

LeCroy, C. W. (in press).  Social skills groups with children in a school setting.  In C. R. Massat, M. S. Kelly, & R. Constable (eds.).  School Social Work: Practice, Policy, and Research (8th ed., 483-500).  Chicago, IL: Lyceum Press.

Lee, J., Lee, R. M., & Tran, A. T. (in press). Theory and measurement of foreigner objectification. Invited chapter in S. J. Schwartz & J. Unger (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Acculturation and Health. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Marsiglia, F. F., Ayers, S. L., & Kiehne, E. (in press). Reducing inhalant use in Latino adolescents through synchronized parent-adolescent interventions. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community. ‡

Marsiglia, F. F., Ayers, S. L., Robbins, D., Nagoshi, J., L., Baldwin, A., & Castro, F. G. (in press). The initial assessment of a community-based intervention with Mexican-heritage parents in boosting the effects of a substance use prevention intervention with youth. Journal of Community Psychology. ‡

Marsiglia, F. F., Kiehne, E., & Ayers, S. L. (in press). Re-examining the acculturation gap: The relationship between the bi-dimensional parent-adolescent gap and risky behavior among Mexican-heritage adolescents. Journal of Early Adolescence. Doi: 10.1177/0272431616678991 ‡

Maslowsky, J., Jager, J., & Hemken, D. (in press). Interpreting latent variable interactions: Applications and extensions of the latent moderated structural equations method. International Journal of Behavioral Development.

Mendoza, N. S., Harner, V., Haseley, H., & Leedy, G. (in press). Self-perceptions of lesbians and heterosexual women living in rural environments. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services.

Sangalang, C. C., Jager, J., & Harachi, T. W. (in press). Effects of maternal traumatic distress on family functioning and child mental health: An examination of Southeast Asian refugee families in the U.S. Social Science & Medicine.

Sun, A. P., Marsiglia, F. F., & Ching Cheng, Y.   (in press). A very wounded man: Helping Chinese heroin addicts. Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Abuse.

Szkupinski Quiroga, S., Glick, J., & Medina, D. (in press). Finding a way to get by: Latino household economic strategies in a time of economic and political strain. Journal of Latino and Latin American Studies.

Szkupinski Quiroga, S., Sandlin, J., & Wright, R. R. (in press). You are what you eat!?: crafting the (food) consuming subject through cooking shows. In Food Pedagogies. E. Swan and R. Flowers, eds. Suffolk: Ashgate Publishing.

Updegraff, K. A., McHale, S. M., Zeiders, K. H., Umaña-Taylor, A.J., Perez-Brena, N. J., Wheeler, L. A., & Rodríguez, S. A. (in press). Trajectories of Mexican American youth’s gender role attitudes from adolescence to young adulthood. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Vargas, P. A., Robles-Sotelo, E., Harris, J., & Radford, P. (in press). IT based asthma screening in low health literacy populations. Journal of Asthma.

Walker J. R., Ainsworth B., Johnson-Agbakwu, C., & Keller, C. (in press). Correlates of physical activity and diet in refugee women: A review article. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies.

Walker, J. R., Nizigiyimana, J., Banke-Thomas, O., Niragira, E., Nijimbere, Y., & Johnson-Agbakwu, C. (in press). Burundian female survivors of war (SOW): Views of health before, during and post conflict. Research in the Sociology of Health Care. Great Britain: Emerald Press.

Wallace, D., Papachristos, A., Meares, T., & Fagan, F. (in press). Evaluating Chicago’s gun project: recidivism rates of gun crime offenders. Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/07418825.2015.1081262

Published Articles and Book Chapters


Ayers, S. L., Kulis, S. S., & Tsethlikai, M. (2017). Assessing parenting and family functioning measures for urban American Indians. Journal of Community Psychology, 45(2), 230-249. doi: 10.1002/jcop.21844

Baldwin-White, A., Kiehne, E., Umaña-Taylor, A. & Marsiglia, F. F. (2017). In pursuit of belonging: Acculturation, perceived discrimination, and ethnic racial identity among Latino youth. Social Work Research, 41(1), 43-52 doi: 10.1093/swr/svw029 ‡

Hoffman, S., Marsiglia, F. F., Nevarez, L., & Porta, M. (2017). Health literacy among youth in Guatemala City. Social Work in Public Health, 32(1), 30-37. doi: 10.1080/19371918.2016.1188741 

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Williams, L. R., Ayón, C., Marsiglia, F. F., Kiehne, E., & Ayers, S. L. (2017). Acculturation profiles and associations with parenting among immigrant Latinos. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, 39, 452 - 469. doi: 10.1177/0739986317725509‡


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