Research Summaries

At SIRC, we strive to translate research to practice in order to increase the knowledge base and build capacity in our communities.

We understand that academic research, as it is often written, can be hard to understand. Thus, each research summary completes a “translation process” and is carefully developed to use more generally acceptable terms instead of academic language from the original journal articles.

Impact of Physical Activity and Sleep on Obese Latino Youth at Risk of Diabetes (2022)  
Importance of Latinx Family Relationships in Promoting Health and Preventing Diabetes (2022)  
Asthma and Latinx children's health outcomes (2019)  
South Phoenix, the Roosevelt School District and SIRC (2019)  
Recognizing Barriers to Exercise among African American Women (2017)  
The Influence of Family and Friends on American Indian Youth's Intent to Use Substances (2015)  
The Need for Mental Health Screening for Refugee Women (2015)  
Diabetes Related Stress and the Importance of Self-Care (2015)  
The Importance of Acculturation on Latina Women's Health (2015)