CAB Committees



Defines criteria for membership and reviews Board structure as indicated in the CAB Manual. Oversees the general direction of the CAB as well as implementation of the work plan described in SIRC’s Community Engagement and Dissemination Core. Ensures that CAB members understand the full range and scope of SIRC’s programs and projects. Responsible for election of Officers and appointment of CAB committee chairs. Membership is comprised of the CAB Chair, Vice-Chair and committee Chairs.


Increases the visibility of SIRC in the local community by providing opportunities for collaboration, presentation and partnership for SIRC faculty, students and fellows. Reviews social media activities for the purpose of the dissemination of research findings. Reviews and comments on materials developed for local community, health care providers, policymakers and the media.

Strategic Planning

Develops a strategic dissemination plan which identifies stakeholders, dissemination pathways, appropriate activities and mechanisms to ensure the sustained impact of research findings locally and nationally. Responsible for the Board Alignment Survey, Board Satisfaction Survey and the Community Research Plan.

Research and Education

Identifies and recommends critical health-related topics suitable for Issue Forums and takes an active role in planning these events including identification of panelists, co-sponsors, audience, event locations. Participates in interviews at the Forum in order to disseminate information on social media which is useful to practitioners, policymakers and the general public.