Illness Representations among Mexican Mothers of Children with Asthma (Pilot Study)

Principal Investigator: Kim Arcoleo

Funding: National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, center grant award P20 MD002316 NIMHD (2009-2012)

This study explored cultural influences on mothers’ conceptions of their child’s asthma and treatment choices.  Aim #1: To obtain the perspective of Mexican mothers regarding their experience of living with a child with asthma, their understanding of the nature of the disease, their beliefs and attitudes about asthma treatment, and their asthma management strategies. Aim #2: To better understand how acculturation influences mothers’ asthma illness representations and asthma management strategies. A total of 30 in-depth interviews were conducted among a purposeful sample of Mexican mothers of children ages 5-17 who have asthma. Alternative sources of funding were employed to conduct 30 interviews among a sample of Puerto Rican mothers in Bronx, NY. The data obtained from these qualitative studies served as preliminary studies for a funded R01 application titled “Asthma Disparities in Latino Children: Acculturation, Illness Representations & CAM.” The pilot study informed the Spanish language translation of the Asthma Illness Representation Scale© (AIRS). 

Arcoleo, K., Zayas, L.  E., Hawthorne, A., & Begay, R. (2015). Illness representation and cultural practices play a role in patient-centered care in childhood asthma: Experiences of Mexican mothers. Journal of Asthma, 52(7), 699-706. doi: 10.3109/02770903.2014.1001905

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