keepin’ it REAL Adaptation Trial

Drug Resistance Strategies IV

Principal Investigator: Flavio Marsiglia (Arizona component)

Funding: National Institutes of Health/ National Institute on Drug Abuse, award R01 DA005629 (2003-2008)

This study developed and tested new or enhanced versions of the successful, multicultural keepin' it REAL intervention, originally designed for 7th grade middle school students.  The enhanced version of the curriculum targeted Mexican heritage youth and added content relevant to acculturation stress, language transition, parental monitoring, and bi-culturalism. The study also evaluated the optimal age for implementing school based universal substance use prevention programs by adapting the original 7th grade version of keepin' it REAL to make it developmentally appropriate for the 5th grade, simplifying the language, making the presentation of concepts more concrete, and providing age appropriate examples. The study compared outcomes for students who received interventions at 5th grade only, 7th grade only, and both 5th and 7th grades. Finally, the study examined the role of acculturation and gender as moderators of the intervention’s impact on substance use. Students in 29 schools (n= 1,670) were tracked over 4 years, from the beginning of 5th to the end of 8th grade. The findings provide no evidence that intervening only in elementary school (5th grade) was effective in altering substance use trajectories from 5th to 8th grade. Implementing keepin’ it REAL in middle school alone (7th grade) altered the trajectories of use of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and inhalants in desired directions. A double dose of prevention, in elementary and middle school, proved to be equally as effective as intervening in 7th grade only.

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