keepin’ it REAL Efficacy Trial

Drug Resistance Strategies III

Principal Investigator: Flavio Marsiglia (Arizona component)

Funding: National Institutes of Health/ National Institute on Drug Abuse, award R01 DA14825 (1997-2001)

This study developed multiple versions of a culturally-grounded, middle school-based, universal prevention intervention designed to prevent, delay or reduce student substance use by influencing their drug use related knowledge, motivation (norms), and drug resistance skills in an ethnically sensitive manner. The relative efficacy of three versions of the intervention (Mexican American oriented, European American oriented, and a multicultural mixture of those two) was evaluated against a control group receiving their school's existing drug prevention curricula. The resulting keepin' it REAL intervention was created by, with, and for youth by involving them in the identification of effective examples of drug resistance skills (Refuse-Explain-Avoid-Leave, producing the REAL acronym) and the scripting and enactment of accompanying videos. A total of 35 schools and 6,035 students participated in a randomized trial utilizing a pretest and multiple post-test (2, 8 & 18 month follow-up) with control group design. Evidence was found for the intervention’s overall effectiveness, with statistically significant effects on gateway drug use as well as norms, attitudes, and resistance strategies. Specific analyses found the Mexican American and Multicultural versions impacted the most outcomes. The strong results of the efficacy of the multicultural version of the intervention led to its designation as a “Model Program” on the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (

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