Latino Acculturation and Health Project

Principal Investigators: Paul Smolkowski & Flavio F. Marsiglia

Funding: Centers for Disease Control, National Injury Prevention Center, awards R49/CCR42172 & 1K01CE000496 (2004-2007)

The aim of the Latino Adolescent Acculturation and Health Project (LAAHP) was to study acculturation, health risk behavior, and health protection in Latino adolescents residing in North Carolina and Arizona.  Of relevance to practitioners as well as prevention and intervention researchers, the study examined buffers to problem behaviors among an increasingly at-risk population and drew attention to the importance of family functioning among Mexican and Mexican American families. The project collected longitudinal interviews from 150 Latino families in North Carolina and 150 Latino families in Arizona for a total of 600 interviews (one parent and one adolescent per family). Four interviews per family were conducted over three years.

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