Health Policy Advocacy Training

SIRC Community Engagement & Outreach Core Training

To extend the reach of advocacy training to a broader community audience, SIRC now offers web-based training materials. The Citizen and Community Advocacy training enables community health leaders to translate health research findings into policy change and enhancements in community well-being. Here we provide tools and support community health leaders for citizen and voter engagement and public policy advocacy. Participants will learn about the health care system in Arizona, and how to build relationships in policymaking settings, frame political messages, encourage election participation, and work through community groups and coalitions. The materials are directed to professionals in the field of public health, nonprofit organizations, and low-income/underserved communities.


Timothy Schmaltz photo

Timothy J. Schmaltz, MSW, is the retired coordinator and co-founder (2001) of the Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition (PAFCO).  Tim was Adjunct Faulty in the Graduate School of Social Work at Arizona State University teaching public policy and advocacy; and he served as a consultant to the College of Public Programs Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center for advocacy and leadership training.  Tim is most recent past President of National Association of Social Workers, Arizona chapter.

Tim is a former Assistant Director of Department of Economic Security where he led the social services division, which included Child Protective Services, child welfare, child care, and aging services.  Tim has worked in various positions in nonprofits and the public sector including as Executive Director of a Catholic Charities agency in Minnesota, and Vice President of the Foundation for Senior Living, a local Catholic Charities agency. 

Tim has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis with 46 years of executive management, planning, program, advocacy, and public policy experience


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Whether you are aware of it or not, you likely rely on your political skill to achieve work-related goals. Learn four distinct practices for maximizing the positive impact of political skill on others and your organization.

Arizona stands at a crossroads when it comes to budget policies for poor children. First, the state has abandoned most of the tools it once had to move families from welfare to work. Second, the state has also dramatically cut back on basic cash assistance to help poor families survive from day to day and month to month.

Arizona can choose to continue recent trends of turning away more and more poor children. Or we can reaffirm clear goals to protect children and help parents move up the economic ladder.